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TheaterMom: who do I go to when I know that IEP goals are NOT being met?
Also is it legal to remove a autistic student out of their special class (art, library ) without observing that student ? Last year the that student was doing very well in those areas and I know that they are very capable in doing them.

  1. Re noncompliance, you could meet with the director of special education (see my response to someone else quite recently about this very topic); also please make sure the IEP has frequent progress monitoring listed. Frequent as in at least every four weeks — but if things are not going well, every week or two would be ideal. Can you observe the child in school to get a feel for what’s not working?

    Re loss of art — please provide more information, e.g. what reason they stated, and any other reason(s) they may not be being up front about. Autism is such a broad term, please be more specific about student’s needs and level of inclusion.

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