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Cathy:  What are the regulations regarding alignment of goals/ services/ accommodations? IEP is presented with calculator and read aloud accommodation with no goals in math or decoding. Is it appropriate to be receiving services in math with no goals?

  1. Goals, services, accomodations & good goals & benchmarks make a good IEP. If you do not have what you need for your child clearly written down you may request an IEP meeting to do so. That is the next step.

  2. Giving your child a calculator won’t teach him these necessary skills. Reading aloud won’t teach him how to read. Period.

    If your child has a disability that affects his ability to learn math (or other skills), his team should document this in the present levels of academic achievement on his IEP. His IEP goals should describe how the school will “close the gap” between his performance and the academic standards for his grade.
    Read “Present Levels: The Foundation of the IEP” by Pat Howey:

    Get a copy of “Wrightslaw: All About IEPs” that describes how to develop IEP goals: https://www.wrightslaw.com/store/aaieps.html

    Be sure to take this book to IEP meetings!

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