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Lori:  Can academic goals for a student, far below grade level, be added to an existing speech IEP or does the full SPED assessment have to happen to add academic goals?

  1. Can a speech pathologist be the case manager of an IEP that has a language arts academic goal listed on a primary speech IEP? Or does a special education teacher need to be the case manager because there are academic goals listed?

    Scenario: Speech path is the case manager on a primary speech, secondary DD IEP, they added a language arts academic goal and have a special education teacher as a related service. It was explained that until they are 7 they can have a speech primary and a DD secondary and have special education as a related service, and once they turn 7 the evaluation criteria would need to be met for SLD, DCD, EBD, etc. and have data that qualifies them for the academic goals and a continuing need for special education services.

  2. The federal law states that a free and appropriate public education, consisting of special education and related services, must be provided to ALL eligible children with disabilities. Also, I’ve never been able to find any state law (I’ve worked in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Florida, and Georgia) that has specifically outlined the types of goals that an IEP must contain based on eligibility. In my experience, the fact that it is called an Individualized Education Program/Plan means that it should be different for each kiddo. Specifically in Georgia it was explained in the following way in guidance on their DOE website:

    “Eligibility is an entry way into special education – the IEP should be based on the student’s individual needs, not on the student’s eligibility category.”

  3. You can propose goals at any time. Now, that’s not to say the committee will accept your proposals — but please don’t hesitate to propose goals.

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