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Mary Jane: My son has been home for 10 weeks with no education or therapy related to his active IEP.  I have called every agency and filed numerous complaints with ISB. No one cares. What can I do?

  1. My daughter has been home since February 21, 2018. Have had nothing but problems with school district for over 10 years. Behavior originating at school and regression. Uncovered numerous lies within IEP’s, Progress Reports, etc., with no relief. “Crooked lawyers” who told me they could get daughter placed because district “don’t know what to do with her.” Stopped sending her to school, cause, she came home with a deep puncture wound to her private area and a month later she exited the school with blood soiled clothes (which I still have). Seems many know about the problems SPED parents encounter with inadequate school districts, but they fail to act. It’s pathetic because not only do to children suffer, their families do as well. I’ve reached out to so many in and out of state.

  2. You did not state why your son is at home however if he is on an IEP they need to provide services or they are out of compliance. Have you written a letter or called the school to set up an IEP meeting to discuss? Whatever time you have not received the school is obligated by law to make up even if over the summer. You may have to consult with an attorney if this continues.

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