Eye on the Prize: Keeping All Students Safe

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In their article, Eye on the Prize: Keeping All Children Safe, Tricia and Calvin Luker, from Our Children Left Behind, provide a summary of the provisions passed by the House in The Keeping All Students Safe Act. You’ll find a status report on the bill introduced in the Senate, information from significant informal discussions, links to the bills, and position statements.

The Lukers explain, “We are keeping our eye on the prize –  protecting the children.”

“We cannot understate the importance of the fact that federal legislation has been introduced to prohibit restraint and seclusion.”

“Parents, parent advocates and self-advocates, attorneys, educators and medical/mental health professionals throughout the United States have been working for years to create federal legislation that would prohibit the use of seclusion and restraints throughout America’s schools.

On December 9, 2009 we achieved our first hint of success when the Preventing Harmful Restraint and Seclusion in Schools Act was introduced in the US House of Representatives by Congressman George Miller of California and in the US Senate by Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut. The House bill, now renamed The Keeping All Students Safe Act, has passed the House and been sent to the Senate.”

The Lukers help us see the scope of the problem of restraint and seclusion by providing important links to the bill. You can use this information to evaluate the bills yourself and effectively express your opinion.

Educate yourself about this issue. Once the Senate bill has taken its final form and is presented for debate, you will be ready to advocate for children’s safety at the national level.

Eye on the Prize: Keeping All Children Safe


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