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Mel: Child needs a comprehensive psychoeducational assessment. ADHD diagnosis 1st grade; initially managed with few undocumented accommodations. I asked for 504 in 3rd and assessment as grades and school refusal increased significantly. I was told no on the assessment. 4th grade worse. I was told no again on assessment. Told it was a motivation issue. Son has never been a behavioral issue, but now he is refusing to pick up a pencil? They say his test scores show he is on a 4th grade level? His spelling tests have gone from A’s to F’s. I thought if I asked for an assessment even though if on grade level that the district had to comply. They used RTI at the meeting showing that he was improving, however he is developing school refusal to the max. He is getting older and bigger. I don’t know how long I can push him out the door.. …….Frustrated

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11/03/2016 4:30 pm

While your son may not have had motivation or behavioral concerns before, it seems as though the situation now could very well warrant an evaluation to see what’s causing the school refusal, etc. It’s my understanding that the district is required to complete a special education evaluation when requested by a parent, but I’m not sure about the guidelines for requesting a 504 evaluation. You might want to talk with the school psychologist or the school counselor. If you believe the motivation concerns and school refusal issues rise to the level of a disability that could require special education you have the right to request the evaluation.