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Marie: After multiple written requests and 2 IEP meetings to verbalize our written request, we want a re-evaluation of my child and his IEP. I’m told the school has 6 months to do a child study before they will determine if a reevaluation is warranted. And only once they determine yes they’ll do it then they have the 65 business days to complete the reevaulation. The school year will be over by then, how is this legal?

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09/29/2015 1:58 pm

You could send a letter thanking them for their consideration in this matter and thank them for helping you understand the 6 month time frame. In the thank you letter you can provide the reason you feel a reevaluation should be done sooner rather than later. It may speed things up a little if you go ahead and include a phrase in your letter giving the school permission to evaluate. The 65 business days (based on your State Department of Education regulations) begins ticking away once they have your permission to evaluate.

09/29/2015 1:57 pm

Check with the state education agency or your state Parent Training & Information Center for info on the state regulations.