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Franscheska: Before school started I requested a meeting with my son’s new regular ed teacher. She said give her a week or two. I have asked three times now and she won’t see me until 6 weeks after the first time I asked. Are there any laws pertaining to this when your child has an IEP? I didn’t need a full IEP meeting, we just needed to discuss a few things and I was blown off. The principle is no help and defends her saying she has been busy.

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09/29/2015 2:07 pm

Tell the sped director or the principal that unfortunately you must call for an IEP meeting because you have concerns that the new teacher doesn’t understand your child’s disability. She seems to be avoiding you and won’t find time to meet. You’ll either get to talk to her one-on-one the next day, or you’ll communicate at the IEP. Either way, it’ll work.

09/29/2015 2:06 pm

Also check your IEP to see how communication was arranged. If nothing is noted, have monthly teacher meetings added at your next PPT. If the principal is no help, try reaching out to the Director of Special Ed for your district. All tachers should be available to talk with parents, try heading to school 15 minutes before it starts to see if you can catch up with the teacher then.