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Kristina:  My child has dyslexia, congenial hypothyroidism & adhd but was turned down for an IEP & 504! They said her grades were too good & she doesn’t need the help due to being a straight A student. This has to be wrong. She deserves help!

  1. Child has been declassified as SLD March 2018, however, is diagnosed with Anxiety, ADHD and specific reading disability, Dyslexia. The student is 3-4 grade levels below grade level in reading and since being declassified is struggling severely in the classroom. Have been trying to get him classified as OHI for the ADHD and even ED for the anxiety but the school feels he does not need to be classified NOR have a 504. WE asked for an IEE but was told since not special education since March, we had no right to request for an IEE. What now? Child will be undergoing a private eval but the school district does not accept independent evals.

    • Oh no hold on. You should have went to the district office and filled out the paperwork right there. The school would then have 60 days to do the testing. As far as Independent assessments go the school does not have to accept them but they are required to take them into consideration.

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