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Sara:  My child (6th grade) was diagnosed with Dyslexia last year. The school district is implementing Wilson Reading System to assist in helping our child re-learn reading strategies, but this instruction is done in place of “specials” such as foreign language, home economics and health class.
Is it legal for a child to be pulled out of health education for special education services?

  1. This is not a cut and dried issue. I have had good results working through a very similar issue, though, by showing them the state ed requirements and implying (in an extremely subtle way) that it would be discriminatory for my child not to receive the state-mandated instruction (foreign language). I started by reading the state regs online, step 2 was to talk to the appropriate state ed representative, to make sure I understood the regs (they can get quite complicated), and step 3 was to document what I found out, via email with the state rep. Then I forwarded this Q&A email exchange to the principal. From beginning to end it took 3 1/2 weeks to get the child into the language class he needed. Good luck.

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