Do Students Have to be out of Resource Room by 9th Grade to go to College?

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You asked: “Do students need to be out of the resource room by 9th grade in order to go to college?” I’m confused about this question.

A “resource room” is simply a classroom where kids with disabilities get specialized instruction to meet their unique needs, delivered (hopefully) by teachers who are trained in research based methods.

Why would receiving instruction in a resource room affect a student’s ability to go to college?

I learned more about this situation – and found the question framed a different way.

If a student is in special education and the LRE is in Resource Math, will this impact the student’s ability to attend college? I’ve heard a student needs to be “out of the Resource Room” and in the general education program by the time they reach the 9th grade if they want to go to college. Is this true?

No. I don’t think colleges care about where a student is educated. They want to know if the students has mastered the knowledge and skills necessary for college. I don’t think information about where the student is educated is on the transcripts sent to colleges.

I believe OCR ruled that schools cannot include information about whether a student has a disability on transcripts. Colleges are more likely to look at what he has learned. Some colleges have excellent programs for students who received special education services and market their programs to students with disabilities.

Other colleges have stopped using standardized tests like the SAT for college admission.

It’s a different world!

  1. 4 year colleges have certain requirements that need to be met to be accepted, college prep math is one of them, the resource room does not offer the level of classes to be eligible to enter a four year college, the student will have to enter the junior college route and then transfer to a 4 year college.

  2. This question may be a variation of a situation going on in Texas. The state and colleges are concerned about how many high school graduates (with & without disabilities) are not prepared academically for college. There are several types of HS graduation plans, each having more difficult criteria. The legislature passed a law saying that students graduating under the minimum graduation criteria will not be able to enroll in public 4 year colleges. Such students can go to junior colleges & later could be accepted by 4 year colleges.

    I have no idea if this is going on in other states, but it could be. Or perhaps the person asking the question lives in TX.

  3. Resource rooms are a place where kids can get help when needed. They do NOT have to be out by 9th grade. If they need the help, the RR is there for them

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