Decoding Dyslexia – Let’s Take it Viral!

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  • I have a child with dyslexia – can you help me?
  • The school doesn’t recognize dyslexia what can I do?
  • Why can’t my child read – does she have dyslexia?

Parents (and children) have long been frustrated at the school’s failure to identify children with dyslexia, to provide school-based services, and to effectively teach these children with research based programs.

Decoding Dyslexia, launched  in 2011 by New Jersey parents, is an excellent and inspirational story about how a small group of parents banded together to change education in their home state and in other states.

This group needs to go viral!

DD-NJ parent members hope to establish a national DD entity and movement to help parents in every state get involved with creating positive changes for dyslexic students.

Start Decoding Dyslexia in Your State

Since the NJ launch, there are now more than 30 Decoding Dyslexia state-based grassroots parent organizations.

Here’s the Decoding Dyslexia NJ How-to Guide to get a grassroots movement started.

If your state already has a DD group, join today.

Contact DD-NJ directly at

Learn more about the DD movement from this article by Kyle Redford, Education Editor at the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity.

  1. Seeking help! My daughter was not diagnosed with dyslexia until late because they refused to test her. She missed almost all coding training and now struggles so much to keep up with writing but is refused help or even a list of resources.
    On the flip side, she is gifted in math but they will not advance her because “you should not want her in a hard class if she is already struggles in writing.” She is so bored in math and is now becoming disengaged in learning completely. I do not know where to find an advocate and the school system in Texas offers no help.
    Does anyone know where to turn to?

    • Hi Kelly. On this Blog, you will often find Chuck Noe, who works for the TX Parent Training and Information Project, answering questions and assisting parents. He may not be the person who assists in your part of TX – so please go to to find the regional coordinator who works in your area. Be sure to give them a call.

      Also, for advocates and more resources, scroll through the directory of listings for TX on the Wrightslaw Yellow Pages for Kids.

      • Thanks for providing Kelly with our contact info. Our staff person in her area can assist her. I work with all of our state staff to support them. TX has law requiring services for students, but some schools do not do a good job of implementing it. Kelly, if I can be of help to you, I am at

  2. MH – It definitely sounds like you have a case of FAPE to me however I am not an attorney. AT this point if you have tried everything to get appropriate accommodations it may be time to get an advocate or an attorney. I would not let this go. It only can get worse. Our youngest son was dyslexic and was not diagnosed until very late. By the time they gave him appropriate accommodations is self esteem was shot and he had to go an extra year after his normal graduation to catch up.

  3. Help! What can parents do if they have been told their child is not dyslexic (“only” LD Reading and dysgraphia) due to not testing outside of average for PP or RAN, yet teen’s decoding and spelling, writing, and math skills are behind grade level any where from 2nd grade equiv. /GE, 4th GE, 7th GE…student is at least 3 to 8 years behind, and school refuses to provide a systematic and research based Reading Program and math remediation services, yet student is identified previously as a child with OHI/ADD-ADHD, and as of this year now id’d as LD in Reading and Writing (subsequent to an independent eval at the end of last school year), and school has dropped students accommodations (extended time and distraction free location.) How can anyone say student is receiving appropriate instruction each year if the student is still so far behind!

  4. Thank you so much Pete and Pam Wright for featuring the Decoding Dyslexia movement on I can say from personal experience that meeting Pete at one of your TX conferences and receiving encouragement from him to keep advocating for both of my children plus the help I’ve received from several of your books including FETA have been instrumental in helping me to become the strong advocate I am today.

    Thank you so much for all that you do to educate parents about IDEA, 504 and special education laws as well as spur them to ACT on behalf of their own children in IEP and 504 meetings. Please keep up the good work as we will continue to do for dyslexic children on behalf of Decoding Dyslexia now in 38 states across our great country!

    In kind admiration,

    Decoding Dyslexia Texas
    Parent Volunteer Leader

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