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precy:  My son’s school asked my consent so they can do the FBA, I signed it but after sometime, I ‘ve decided to revoked it. I said my son doesn’t need it because he doesn’t have a bad behavior anyway. And I said no further discussion will be welcome with regard to this. But they still invited the person who did the FBA. Is this legal even if I revoked the FBA they can still go on with it?

  1. Unfortunately, you only get control over who YOU invite to your child’s meetings, you don’t get any say over who THEY invite — very sorry about this.
    If your son’s behavior doesn’t get in the way of his learning, or the other children’s learning, then I don’t think you have anything to fear from the FBA.
    Please don’t forget you can get independent evaluations in a variety of areas. If you want the district to cover the expense of an independent evaluation, write them a letter to that effect. I suggest you read the FBA the district did first — then you can state in your letter that you reject its findings and why.

  2. But Precy, I want to add that I’ve been battling for over three years to try to get my district to conduct an FBA for my son. Some teachers humiliate him when they’re not happy with his behavior, yet when it comes time to determine eligibility for an IEP, or agree on accommodations that will help him be less disruptive, all that unhappiness about his behavior evaporates. I feel that an FBA would get an objective person into the room to document not only the child’s behavior, but the adult’s as well….

  3. I already revoked the FBA and yet the the invitation for my son’s IEP is still the same, that the one who did the FBA is going to the meeting. Is that legal? why did they disregard my request that I revoke it already?

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