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Cher:  My son received partial compensatory services over summer at a LMB center. Now that school has started we would like to continue those services. Can I pull my son out of school early or bring him in late to complete his compensatory services ? The school is against anything other than a full school day. He made a lot of gains in the LMB program and we would like to see the program continue at least 2-3 hours a day. Are there other options available under the law? Can we ask for 2 or more weeks of independent study or are we limited to only before/after school hours? Can we ask for online/ independent study courses for the subjects he would miss while completing his compensatory services if he went to school late or left early? Can the school deny him online/independent study because he has an IEP ? I want to get the most out of the compensatory services that are left and don’t want to wait till winter break for fear that he will lose the gains he has made since the school does not have training to implement LMB with him themselves.

  1. I’m afraid I don’t know the answers to your questions; however, I have one practical suggestion to share. Ask the teacher(s)/tutor(s) who have been working with him to give you a brief write-up of what they have been doing with him, including a description of their approach and your son’s response to that approach. This could come in handy in your advocacy journey.

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