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Kristie: My son has had an IEP for ADHD since the 3rd grade. In 5th grade they changed his IEP category to include Speech or language impairment as well as OHI. He struggled with clear communication, getting out what he needed to say or write, abstract concepts. Now in 8th grade they want to remove the OHI and Language category and only have Specific Learning Disability for reading. I understand the removing the language and including the Reading disability, but why remove the OHI for ADHD? He has many accommodations in his IEP for the ADHD issues. I want to keep both, but they say he no longer qualifies for the OHI! He’s taking a medication that helps him focus and stay attentive, but it’s not perfect. So I feel frustrated that they want to remove the OHI category because now he takes meds. What can I do?

  1. IEPs are to address all of a student’s needs regardless of the label the student is given. As said below, accommodations are a way of addressing needs.

  2. Why will he lose accommodations that were originally put in place to help with his ADHD?

    If the accommodations help him to function in school and “level the playing field” for him, there is no logical or legal reason to take them away. He has an IEP. You don’t have to agree to this plan.

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