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Christine:  What can i do when my son’s class setting is out of compliance with his IEP? on IEP it is a 12:1:4 class setting and it has only been a 12:1:2 or 12:1:3 since the beginning of the school year.

  1. my daughters school has not held her yearly IEP meeting. Although I have requested it .
    after my request they had a meeting but when I got there I was told the speech therapist, and psychologist was unable to attend. that was May 8th. Now they want to have it during the summer? unfortunately this is not the first time I’ve had a issue with the school, and IEP meetings , or services for my daughters.

  2. You can file a complaint with your State Dept of Education. From the info in your question, it doesn’t look like the ratio of students to teachers and aides in this classroom is wildly out of line. If the state DOE takes any action, they are likely to tell the school to fix the problem.

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