Class Ratios: RATIO

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Stan:  I am teacher with six students and one aide. I have three students with behavior plans and two students that are BEGINNING to use communication devices. I am afraid that I don’t have enough staff to properly teacher the students their devices and follow though on behavior plans. How can a teacher get additional help. Are there any laws about devices and behavior plans?

  1. Is there an SLP that works with the kiddos? May be a good idea to get an SLP in there, to help teach the communication devices. My wife is an SLP and has worked within multiple classrooms with lower function students.

  2. Which staff members are listed as responsible for those particular goals on the students’ IEPs. In my son’s case, they usually list more than one staff member. If this is the case with your student’s IEPs, you can elicit support from those staff members. If I was one of the parents of your students I would love to hear your concerns and help you meet my child’s need by modifying IEP if needed.

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