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Robert: If a child diagnosed with autism attends a Montessori school, how can the school show academic progress as they do not participate in any standardized testing? Is the charter school obligated as a charter school to participate in standardized testing? If so, which testing? I do not see any specific textbooks brought home or in classes as a public school. What questions do I need to politely ask the IEP Team and work together? Thank you for your assistance!

  1. Robert –

    Charter schools are generally considered either a school within a public school district or their own public school district. As such, their students must participate in statewide testing like students in any other public school. Your child’s IEP should describe any standardized test he will take during the IEP period and the nature of that testing.

    There are also other ways that can help you measure your child’s progress – school work, progress reports and report cards, and progress towards yearly IEP goals and benchmarks/objectives (if your child has those).

    If you have questions about the testing or how progress will be measured, go ahead and ask the Team just that! These are absolutely valid questions!

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