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Julia:  A manifestation determination meeting determines that there was no manifestation, child has a change of placement without parents agreeing to it, and the change of placement has been longer than 45 school days. Is this legal?

  1. My son has had a manifestation meetingwithout me. Now the teachers are profiling him was illegally recorded on teacher personal phone and now the teacher provoked him and he blacked out. I have legal doctor documents that states his disability. ADHD has behavior disorder s. He has an IEP that is being ignored and they will not set up writing a BIP. Now my son was taken to jail and I was not notified. This is discrimination and violation of his rights under IDEA. Now my son is facing criminal charges when it’s on paper he has a behavior disorder. I need help with getting this manifestation change because aggravating him and him lashing out is apart of his disability.

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