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Kristi: Please define Change in Placement for a child on an IEP.
Is any change in time spent in a resource room considered a change in placement?

  1. Change in placement usually has to do with the IEP being current or ending. Changing a location of where the child is taught would not qualify. Changing the amount of time in a resource that does not match what the IEP states would mean that the IEP is not being followed and the school is out of compliance if they did not inform you of the change via a prior written notice document as well as a meeting to discuss. I would schedule an IEP meeting to discuss the issue and if the school refuses to meet or has unilaterally made a change to the IEP without your consent they must give you a prior written notice document to say why they made any changes without your consent.

  2. I don’t know. This sounds like a great question for your parent center. When you call them, have handy the change in hours or percentage of day.

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