Manifestation Determination: CAN YOU APPEAL AN MDR?

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Renae:  Is there a way for a parent to appeal an MDR?

  1. Hello, we had a manifest determination meeting after my son was expelled for pushing another student who was gay. My son has Aspergers and does not relate to other kids. Never had any behavior issues so there is no BIP in place. Meeting determined that it was not his disability that caused him to hit. I disagree and tried to appeal and got nowhere. What is the nest step I should take? Should I just let go and chalk this up to a bad experience? Please give me some advice.

    • It sounds like your child has deficits regarding social skills. You can request (in writing) that the school provide social skills training to address his needs in this area. You can also use the state dispute resolution processes if necessary to get this service/support.

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