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Sue:  Can a student who has been labeled DD due to a Speech AND Language Impairment receive services through a special education teacher for support in reading?

  1. A disability “label” does not mean that certain special education services are off-limits. Once a student is eligible for special education, the IEP team determines what services are needed in order to make progress toward goals and offer FAPE in the LRE. There is no stipulation in the law that says a student with an identification of developmental disability and speech impairment cannot access other services. It’s up to the team to decide what “blend” and combination of services and supports are necessary.

    • So, I’m asking for clarification. If a student qualifies for speech and language but they don’t qualify for academics; can they still receive academic support from a special education teacher? If your answer is yes, who needs to be the primary case manager? SLI teacher or Special Ed Teacher?

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