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El:  Does the school have the right to deny a child’s parent the right to be their child’s personal aide?

The district wants to place my autistic kid who needs assistance with diapering and eating in a 6:1:4 life skills classroom on the grounds that it’s the only setting where aides are trained to provide such an assistance. I want a different placement so that he can learn academic skills and agreed to be a personal aide to my child during the school day. The school where I wanted my child to be mainstreamed is against under the pretense that it would be unfair to general ed students in that classroom whose parents are not there. Does the school have the right to say that?

  1. My child has recently been diagnosed with ADHD, possible ODD, and high functioning autism. He has behavioral outbursts and trouble complying with school staff requests. He is not violent and nothing is wrong with his intellectual ability to learn information. I want him to have a 1:1 aide in his classroom added into his IEP. They have sent him to a school with severely behaviorally challenged children that are exposing him to events that he is not accustomed to seeing or hearing from other students. I want him mainstreamed back to his home area school but was wondering if anyone knows if a parent can be their child’s aide in the classroom?

  2. I am a school nurse who has a special needs child. We have not been able to keep any consistency with aide for years. My son is autistic and has brain injury. With having no consistency he is having increase in behavior issues. I’m willing to be my sons aide so he has consistency. In addition my son is on a wheelchair and I am willing to provide transportation

  3. Can a parent have direct contact with the paraprofessional with my child, is there a law or policy. We’re Huntsville, AL.

  4. I had to read your question and comments several times. I understand what you are saying from a personal level as I have a child in special ed. As a former para, it is unrealistic and unprofessional for any parents to want to take the role of a para for their child. Many children with a wide range and scope of needs have gone through the educational system with well trained paras. Parents can play different roles in the schools. You can make a bigger impact in many other ways. With that being said, you do have a right to know if the aides are highly qualified. Your child can and should be mainstreamed in the LRE with a well trained aide. I agree that your child should not be restricted to a contained classroom only because of his/her needs.

  5. who is going to take care of this better than a parent? It takes the stress of nursing off the teacher. Its not the job of an educator to do nursing. They have enough legalities to deal with. It is not fair not to be able to do this for your own child. I think, though, you should be willing to help the other children in the classroom, if needed.

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