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Jenne:  What are options for a child having behavior issues on the bus? I feel that some concern is the bus driver ignorance.  I asked for them to transfer to another bus, but they said it was not an option.  Yet the 2nd week of school they did transfer a girl off the bus for issues with the driver.  What are my options?

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09/25/2016 6:44 pm

Based on my experience: Suggest you start with a meeting with the director of transp, and tell the story from your child’s point of view. Contrast the current situation with some previous situation with a driver who was able to handle things in a more positive way. Be calm and open to hearing the driver’s point of view.
Find someone who can provide an in-service training for staff ABOUT YOUR CHILD’S DISABILITY or disabilities, and request a training be set up at a time when several drivers can attend, i.e., avoid singling out this driver.
Ask the transp director to observe on your child’s bus. Be patient but be dogged. Keep following up with the transp director. Keep a daily log of any problems or progress. Greet the driver politely at each pick-up and drop-off.

09/16/2016 4:04 pm

Good discussion about transportation issues here:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a training module for Transportation of Children with Special Needs. You’ll find a link to the Guidelines in that post.

The IEP should provide the necessary specificity so the driver, school, parent and student know what services to expect. They suggest having the bus driver/attendant at IEP meetings to learn about the child’s transportation needs.


“It is also recommended that ALL specifics about transportation be included in the IEP (i.e., specific circumstances under which transportation is to be provided (normal school hours, off-campus educational components, early or after-school instruction), the type of vehicle to be used in transportation, any specific equipment used in conjunction with the vehicle (any specialized or adaptive equipment), the nature and extent of the transportation (where the child is picked-up/dropped-off), personnel needed to assist in transportation (aides, monitors, health care personnel), and any transportation goals and objectives if transportation has an independent purpose beyond access to education.

Request the IEP team reconvene to discuss the transportation issue, focus on the attention/transition concerns, and ensure all details are included in the IEP.”

Use the search term “transportation” in the search box on any Wrightslaw page – you’ll get about 800 results.

09/16/2016 11:46 am

Dealing with behavioral issues on a bus, & appropriate training of staff on the bus is the district’s responsibility. It is appropriate to request an IEP meeting to discuss this situation. Your state parent training & information center can assist you.