April Showers Bring…Wrightslaw Conferences!

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April is a busy month for Wrightslaw. Conference locations  include AR, OH, IA, NJ, MD and ME. Check out the schedule page for details.

Sign up for one today!

  1. My child is eight years old and has Down Syndrome. She was mainstreamed in a regular classroom during pre- school and for two years after that. During these years, she did fairly well in academics and made progress in social, emotional and communication areas. She gained independence and learned many skills.

    In third grade, the school changed her placement. She spends more time with children with severe behavior problems. We have seen a great change of personality. We requested that her placement be changed several times, in writing, and provided the reasons for our request. The school denied our requests without ever calling a meeting. By the end of the year, we felt that we had lost our bright, polite, well-behaved young lady. Please help.

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