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Debbie: Can I pick which special education Aide works with my son at school? He does REALLY well w/one particular Aide. They seem to have bonded. The school has 4 Aides switching out w/him daily. Absolutely no consistency within his Aide help within his day. Second question, if I can’t select the specific Aide, can I insist on just 1 Aide daily? If so, is there case law to back me up? How can I do that?

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12/29/2015 7:23 pm

I think 4 aides are excessive, but that may be the reality at the school. Is he very young? Schools are more and more reducing aides in many ways and sharing is becoming a norm. Some aides are part-time and only at the school part of the day Some aides are come in from temp services like Kelly Services and other temp agencies. The school administrators should select based on the needs of the student and the skill level of the aide. Yes, aides can be trained but some have specific skill sets. I don’t think it is helpful if a student is with the same aide for several years. A child has to experience growth in many ways. I am also a mom and I totally understand your concerns.

12/29/2015 7:22 pm

Is the multiple Aides really OK? He literally has 4 – they switch out about every hour. He has an Aide with him at all times (except recess) – even when he goes to the special ed. room for OT, ST and Social Group. He’s 8 yrs old, in 3rd grade. I think the school is playing games with personnel for some unknown reason to me, and it’s surely not in my son’s best interest.
Last year the Aide he LOVES had him on a green stick/red stick system. When he got 20 green sticks, he got to “buy” a treat w/good behavior. With Aides switching out every hour, they are unable to maintain the system and/or ANY type of behavior modification treatment for consistency. I’m really unhappy with the situation.

12/17/2015 5:13 pm

Debbie –

There is likely no rule against having so many aides. But if it’s impacting your child’s education – and it definitely sounds like it is – this is a concern to bring to the IEP Team.

Your best bet is to fight for a single aide, rather than for a specific one. Do you have an outside provider who could describe in writing the negative impact this set up is having on your son? That would certainly help.

And just be persistent with the Team that 4 aides in one day is not okay. If needed, bring in someone above the IEP Team (school principal, special ed director).