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Lori:  My child has been recently diagnosed with ADHD. This last half of the semester has been horrible for him regarding behavior, several physical incidents w other children and staying focused. I finally decided to get a professional opinion and was correct in thinking he needs help. The teacher I think is very frustrated with him at this point. She has been told by the school that he needs medication for ADHD but I think she is just too frustrated with him to care. I feel like she avoids me at dismissal, is actually very dismissive towards me and generally just doesn’t want to deal with me or my child. Just putting this out there to see if anyone can help with how teachers should respond to a child with ADHD

  1. Oh boy I can relate also. My child has Autism just diagnosed and was found eligible for an IEP. He is in second grade. The teacher is not following the modified homework. She gives him twice as much as the other kids. Her reasoning is he did not finish it in class so he has to do it for homework. Well with Autism it can take three or more hours sometimes to do homework. She is so mean to him and when I try to ask question through email she won’t respond. I tried having my son moved to another classroom but the school said they were not prepared to move him as it would disrupt the other classroom. I also told them that I will be putting him in a Private School. They called the other private schools and told them not to take my child. Now they won;t take him at all. Please help me!!

  2. There are lots of resources with ideas for channeling an ADHD child’s energy in a positive way. Here are two that I grabbed at random for you:

    You may want to write a letter to the principal describing the type of teacher you think your child would do best with, so they can make a good choice for fall. With ADHD, it can be sooo helpful to have a dynamic, positive, well organized teacher.

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