Compensatory Education – 9 Simple Strategies to Collect Data

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In this issue of The Special Ed Advocate, we encourage you to learn more about compensatory education.

In Preparing for Your Child’s Compensatory Education Meeting (Part 2), 9 Simple Strategies to Collect Data and Track Progress, we provide simple strategies to help you get data and track your child’s progress since the school closed.

We look at different ways to collect data — how to use your cell phone to make progress videos, how to use short simple checklists to create your own records. We identify perilous pitfalls that may trip you up!

It’s time to learn something new today! You can do this! Start Today!

  1. He is finally starting to read at the close to 2nd grade level, but he really is going into 4th this next year, but really should be a 5th grader….. he has so much work to do. What can I do— are there grants, is there a way for the school District to pay? Can I get insurance to pay?

  2. interventions in the 2nd year of 1st grade, and he hated school. They finally requested an evaluation, and I stated no because they had no data or interventions to show they had done anything to support his learning and growth.We agreed to have monthly meetings and progress monitor his interventions. I signed him up for private tutoring 2 days a week, and he did Kumon. He is now getting intensive support and I have paid 30K of my 403K for him. I have no more money to pay for his learning, and I want to know my options. he is getting 1:1 reading instruction 3 hours a day at Lindamood Bell. I am afraid to have him finish his program, or transition back to his school, he will not get the instruction, support or learning he needs. He is also falling behind in Math- due to filling this readi

  3. So, I have a son who was diagnosed with Dyslexia late in 2019. He had his IEP final meeting in April of 2020, and he was in 2nd grade (8 yr). He is now 9, and has limited education from his district and limited work aligned to his specific disability. He is ADHD also, and needs 1:1 instruction 4 hours a day for 5 days a week for at minimum 220 hours, and so I withdrew him- he does not receive, OT, Social Work, or support in school, but I pay a very high price tag to send him to Lindamood Bell. The school district did little to nothing to support him when he first showed signs of difficulty in the 2017-2018 school year, I moved his school, nothing better, I held him back in 2018-2019 he was a 1st grader again in dual language as an English speaker (at my request). He was not given any in

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