10 Things Sped Advocates Should NEVER Do at an IEP Meeting

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1. Asking the music therapist  to include IEP goals that include  Karaoke songs from the last Kenny G album – or role modeling from the Dolly Parton does the best of Led Zepplin DVD.

2. Suggesting mud wrestling is a related service provided by an OT and can be reimbursed by Medicaid under the Affordable Health Care Act.

3. Suggesting transition IEP goals about joining a circus or ashram.

4. Requesting an Xtreme bingo cruise for ESY to recoup math skills.

5. Suggesting recreation and leisure time IEP goals of collecting owls made of shells, frogs made of ceramic, or lawn gnomes made of anything.

6. Sharing to0 many personal details at the IEP meeting. Examples may include:

  • getting too excited about the number of stamps in your passport
  • how many IEP meetings you have attended
  • capital letters before or after your name
  • number of names on your phone-favorites list
  • number of people you could have married
  • the size of your acreage
  • how many Facebook friends you have
  • your new twitter account
  • how many times your wife caught you at the market staring at cheese for extended periods of time

7. During a break in the IEP meeting, talking about your personal role in starting the rumor that Paul, one of the Beatles, was dead or how many Burt Reynolds movie marathons you have attended.

8. Jell-O shots prior to IEP meeting.

9. Using Star trek type quotes during the IEP meeting. Examples may include:

  • Scotty, beam that IEP up
  • Please don’t do that in front of the school Klingons
  • After you leave this campus, live long and prosper
  • To go boldly where no IEP has gone before
  • A measureable IEP, the final frontier

10. Quoting your favorite Wrightslaw book passages in pig latin. ” Etterlay otay a-way angerstray illway etgay esultsray”. ( translation below**)

**Etterlay otay a-way angerstray illway etgay esultsray”  translates – “Letter to a Stranger will get results”


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  1. THANKS! I needed this today! Posted on our Clinic’s FB page! Can’t wait to have you folks visit good old Madison, WI!!!!!!

  2. Susan, My son did not progress much either & is dyslexic. FAPE means they must progress & meet the goals of the IEP. IF not something needs to be changes. You need to meet ,discuss & come up with a better plan for you child. You can always request an outside eval at public expense. You can do this in writing & when the school sends back a list of you can do to for this you do not have to use anyone on the list. You may use a prof that you want. Once it is done the school must at least review it. By law they do not have to use any of the recommendations but in our experience they have always taken the recommendations from the outside eval & they will pay for it. We have found that the outside eval’s are far better with recommendations than the school’s eval.

  3. Since Standardized test measure students progress, what should be done for an IEP student that continues to make no progress and has shown a decline in the past 2 years on California Standardized test(CST)/ and California modified test(CMA)?He is below basic and far below basic. Does NO progress equal NO FAPE? Thank You!

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