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May:  My son (18) is still in HS as a post grad. Recently, bus is dropping him off at home and immediately driving off whether or not our garage is open. Transportation and IEP Team say that he is either fully independent and they are allowed to drop him off and leave immediately, or someone always needs to meet him at the bus. We will not always be available to meet the bus. He can use a code to enter, if garage is closed, and then call me. The wait will be less than 30 sec. What responsibility for safety does the school district have while transporting a student with special needs? What to include in IEP?

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May, could you clarify what you’d like them to do and why? Are you saying you’re not comfortable with him using the code and phoning you by himself, and that you’d like them to stick around during those 30 seconds?

I wonder if you could try some round-about way of getting more supervision for your son at drop-off. For example, could you ask Transportation, or your son, to phone you five minutes before he arrives, regardless of whether there is someone at home or not?