Theatre Program Agrees to New Policy, Training and Reasonable Modifications for Food Allergies

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– from FARE News
Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) – December 19, 2017

“Last summer, we reported on a finding by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) on behalf of two young friends in Massachusetts who were prevented from participating in a children’s theatre program.”

U.S. Department of Justice Finds Children’s Theater Program Violated Americans with Disabilities Act

“Mason Wicks-Lim, then age 11, has life-threatening peanut and tree nut allergies and was unable to take part in the Young Shakespeare Players East (YSPE) because he needed an adult available to administer epinephrine in case of anaphylaxis.”

“Sam Picone-Louro, then age 12, was expelled from the theatre program after advocating for Mason in an email that described his exclusion as discrimination.”

“The children’s families made a formal complaint to DOJ. In June 2016, DOJ found that YSPE’s actions were discriminatory and denied the children equal access.”

“On Dec. 18, 2017, DOJ announced a settlement agreement resolving the complaint.”

“YSPE will implement a disability nondiscrimination policy, establish a process for providing reasonable modifications to participants with disabilities, and conduct appropriate training.”

“We congratulate Mason, Sam and the committed adults who pursued equal access with them, to the benefit of all individuals with food allergies who want to participate in community activities. Bravo!”

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