10 Things Sped Advocates Should NEVER Do at an IEP Meeting

1. Asking the music therapist  to include IEP goals that include  Karaoke songs from the last Kenny G album – or role modeling from the Dolly Parton does the best of Led Zepplin DVD. 2. Suggesting mud wrestling is a related service provided by an OT and can be reimbursed by Medicaid under the Affordable Health Care Act. 3. Suggesting transition IEP goals about joining a circus or ashram. 4. Requesting an Xtreme bingo cruise …Read more

Did “Ancient Greeks Suffer from Sensory Integration Disorder”?

Have you ever devoted any thought to the origins of disabilities? No, you haven’t, and neither have I. That’s why I am writing this important article without having done any research whatsoever,” says Attorney-humorist Aimee Gilman. You want research, you have to pay for it. For free, I make it up as I go along. Even so, understanding history is critical not only to our future, but to our children’s future. Don’t ask me why. …Read more

Top 10 Signs of Special Ed Advocate Burn Out

Check out these top 10 signs you might be suffering from “special ed advocate burn out” – submitted by one of our favorite Texas advocates. 10. You think of the peaceful park you like as a great place to have an IEP meeting. 9. You realize at the IEP meeting, the  psychotic special ed director, who is picking invisible flowers out of mid air, is probably having more fun in life than you are.

The Special Education Law Blog Earns 5 Stars!

The Special Education Law Blog by Charlie Fox, a Chicago Illinois attorney who is also the parent of child with a disability, is a remarkable and wonderful resource about special education law, news, and advocacy – and much more. Charlie’s commentary about special ed news around the country is timely, sincere and on target. Remember the Florida teacher who encouraged her class to vote a child who is on the autism spectrum out of her …Read more