Survey: Your Child and His Experiences with Bullying

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– From Patty Roberts, Director, William & Mary Law School’s Special Education Advocacy Clinic

Below you will find a message and link to a survey from a friend and colleague who is doing her doctoral research at Columbia University Teacher’s College.

Sarah is working in the Programs for Intellectual Disabilities/Autism, and is currently doing research regarding issues of bullying and peer victimization on children ages 9-14, both children with disabilities and those without, in order to explore what factors make children more or less vulnerable to these harms.

The results of the survey data will be used to inform not only her research in this area, but will also provide guidance to her as she creates anti-bullying and empowerment currucula for children on the autism spectrum.

As we are well aware, bullying and peer victimization, particularly in this vulnerable age group, is a serious problem with often far-reaching negative consequences. Please help this passionate and dedicated doctoral student shed some light on this issue by completing her survey.

I took it myself and it was an effortless 15 minutes.

Thank you for your consideration.

Patty Roberts
Director, William & Mary Law School’s Special Education Advocacy Clinic


Dear Parents and Caregivers:

I have worked with children with disabilities for over a decade and have seen the negative impact that bullying and peer victimization can have on a child. While bullying is gaining national attention, little is known about which factors make a child more or less vulnerable to such victimization. I am investigating these vulnerabilities.

To do this, I am recruiting caregivers of children (9-14 years old) with and without autism spectrum disorders to participate in a brief survey about their child and their child’s experiences of bullying in school(Teachers College, Columbia University IRB # 12-355).

This is a topic that is deeply important to me and I am eager to hear from parents of children from a diverse range of backgrounds. I greatly appreciate the time of any caregivers who are able to participate. All participants will be entered into a drawing to receive one of several Target gift cards in appreciation of their participation (1 in 10 chance of winning). Additional information about this study and the survey itself can be found at:

Sarah Mallory, M.Ed.
Principal Investigator and Ph.D. Candidate
Programs in Intellectual Disabilities/Autism
Teachers College, Columbia University

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