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Chris:  Is there a regulation about # of days before a re-eval meeting District needs to provide copy of evaluation report to parents so they can participate in a fully informed manner? I’ve read two days but not sure of source. Do parents have to ask for the report in order to receive it before the meeting? Thank you!

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thanks a bunch!

I want to add…

If there is no specific time line for evaluation reports before Team meetings, your state’s student records law may offer some guidance.

Chris –

This is something that is set by individual state laws.

I’m in Massachusetts, and here it’s two school days before the Team meeting and parents have to ask for the report. In other states, the rule is 10 days at the copies are automatic. There are other states where there is no parent guarantee to copies before the meeting.

I encourage you to check with your local parent center ( They can answer this specific question, and may also be able to provide you with other resources (guides, training, etc.) to help you understand the special education process in your state.