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Denny:  Student that is in a functional setting all day and has bus services due to his disability is reduced to 1/2 day due to behaviors. Is the district required to provide bus service? Or is it the parent’s responsibility?

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Jill G
01/11/2016 4:11 pm

Denny –

Is this the student’s “home school”? Many states require that districts provide transportation to any student who is placed by an IEP at a school that is not the one they would attend if not disabled. I encourage you to check if this applies in your state. Your local parent center can help (

If your state does not have such a rule, the student may still be eligible for transportation as a related service. This determination is made on an individual basis by the student’s IEP Team. Transportation is generally considered to have a lower need threshold than services like OT or SLT because simply getting to school is necessary for the student to access his/her education.

01/11/2016 4:11 pm

Yes, if this is a program involving a public school. The school should be taking actions to return the student to a full day program asap.