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Melissa:  My son has received IEP services for intellectual disability and for emotional disabilities most of his school years. In todays 3 year eval the school psych told us that he can not receive services for both and PSR services are being pulled and ED is being removed from his IEP. Many staff members in attendance verbally disagreed with this decision. Is this accurate??

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No, not accurate. Special education is intended to be individualized to each child’s needs. The law and regulations require the team to identify the disability / disabilities accurately. Imagine a child with several disabilities – cerebral palsy (orthopedic impairment), specific learning disabilities (LD), attention deficit disorder (LD or other health impairment), diabetes (other health impairment), severe vision impairment, etc. The team can’t pick one disability and ignore the rest of the child’s disabilities and needs.
Suggest you write a short letter to the head of your child’s team with a copy to the special ed director that includes what you wrote here. Ask to see the law, regulation, or policy that says a child can only receive svcs for one disability. Be polite! Keep us posted.

IEP means INDIVIDUAL Education Plan. Anything can be on it that the child needs, even behavior plan, social skill training, etc. They can include any and all services necessary.