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Amanda:  Last week I received the conference announcement with the people listed who would attend our IEP. At yesterdays meeting, there was a district sped teacher there to assist in writing the IEP, though she has never taught my son. (I shared my concerns about the draft IEP goal/objectives and how they were written with his sped teacher via email) What responsibility does the school have to inform me of last minute attendees to my meeting, especially when they do not have a professional relationship with him.

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Sometimes, a special educator who does not work with your child is at the meeting to represent the LEA or to take minutes. Their role should be listed on the notice of meeting you receive prior to the meeting.

Hello – in my experience in delaware – a list of attendees should be sent home – we do it with the invitation letter no later than 10 days before the scheduled IEP meeting. Upon arrival if there is a person at the meeting that was not on the attendee list you are able to reschedule the meeting or ask that the person leave the meeting. Best practice – when the attendees change the parent/guardian needs to be notified immediately.

I don’t know about legal requirements, but I’ve had a similar problem. I suggest emailing them one week before your meeting, three days before your meeting, and one day before your meeting, and each time ask for an updated list of participants.