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Tracey:  Does the school have to send to the parent a written notification of when the IEP is and who will attend? If so what is the time frame in which they need to do this.

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Can a referral meeting continue after the parent has left the meeting? The LEA rep (assistant principal) and regular education teacher told EC teacher to make changes on referral form. There was some incorrect information and this was later resolved and discussed with the parent through a formal referral meeting. Can a principal instruct the EC teacher to make changes without the parent present?

All the people that I had asked our resource teacher to invite to attend IEP meeting either couldn’t come or at the last minute had an emergency and couldn’t make it. One invited person, the counselor never even showed up. I felt like questions went unanswered. I had questions for the counselor and dual enrollment coordinator. The general education teacher, who substituted for the teacher who could not come, was clearly put there as a distraction because she is chatty and tried to distract. I feel like crying because it was another IEP meeting where all they wanted was my signiature. Goals were written from assessments of which I was not given prior to meeting. I received the draft the night before the IEP. Goals adressed transition and not reading/language deficits.

What if the school “forgets” and the student does not receive their IEP by the end of the school year?

Tracey –

Yes, the school MUST send the parent notice of Team meetings.

The notice must include the purpose, time, and location of the meeting, and who will be in attendance. It also must discuss the parent’s right to invite other individuals to the meeting.

IDEA, the federal special education law, does not list a specific time frame for sending this notice. The school, however, must send the notice, “early enough to ensure that they [the parent] will have an opportunity to attend.” See the IDEA regulations at §300.322.

Although IDEA does not include a specific time frame, your state may specify one (either through regulations or policy) – so be sure to check. Your local parent center can help you with this (

Yes. The timeline for notices is set by the state. Your state parent training & information project can assist you.