IEP FAQs: When Do I Get a Copy of the IEP?

How long should a school have to get me a copy of the revised IEP after my son’s IEP meeting?

You should get a copy of your child’s IEP right away. There is no reason for any delay. Write a short polite letter to request a copy.

If the school wants to send you a “clean” copy” later, thank them, but make it clear that you want a copy of the original IEP before you leave the meeting. Ask that they send you the “clean copy” when it’s available. When you get the clean copy, compare it to the original.

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Teri A
06/15/2015 3:59 pm

Hi, We had our IEP meeting in December which was two months after we were supposed to have it due to it being a new school and they stated they had to reevaluate (should have been October). I just received a copy of his IEP, two weeks ago after many requests, but I was never asked to sign this one and because of a miscommunication with the principal I let the meeting with a different interpretation regarding my son’s PE. He is now failing PE and his teacher will not budge because in IEP it stated that I was supposed to provide a new doctor’s note. I did not agree to that. Now we are at the end of the year and they will not let him walk his 8th grade graduation. Is there anything I can do to make them let him walk?

06/05/2015 11:20 am

but what if there IS delay? All issues have been settled for next year and still no IEP. I emailed, no reply, then sent formal letters – NO REPLY – what is my next step? How do I get a reply from these people?

05/22/2015 2:57 pm

Is it written in the law that the school needs to provide the “messy” copy of the IEP at the meeting if the parents request it? My son’s district specialist said, “the law says they don’t need to provide me a copy at the meeting, and because they generate the IEP at the meeting, they have no way to print the notes.” Also, after the meeting is over the specialist and the RSP teacher need to “discuss and go over some things and add to the IEP.” I am no expert but this is shady and I know that’s not allowed!? I have sent several emails over the years stating that I am not ok with this, but I can not find it in the Fed or California codes ?

05/19/2015 1:45 pm

My school didn’t even write anything down at his IEP and it is now 7 days and the draft copy of it is not to me. We didn’t even talk anything about goals. I think I will be filing a complaint!

05/03/2015 5:09 pm

Annual IEPs are held the last 9 weeks of school and final copies are handed out 2 days before school is out. This is done to avoid making changes to the IEP. Often IEP have mistakes but there is no recourse until next year. Hoping all will be forgotten over the summer and the new team in unfamiliar with reasons for the change.

01/25/2015 6:30 pm

Depending on the disability, students can qualify until age 21. You should go to your school and not leave until the copy is in your hand it is your right to view it anytime you wish! You signed it and you should be able to get a copy of it at anytime. Ask her case manger for a copy the counselor may not be the right person to ask.

01/20/2015 1:55 pm

I have requested a copy of my daughters IEP for a year and the counselor is never able to get it to me.
Please help. I feel he exited her out of IEP program because she was 18 years old and he never informed me of the meeting. She has had an IEP since she was 3yrs and needs the help more then ever now in college.

12/17/2014 12:45 pm

Please i need my son iep i do not know where i can get a copy of his iep at if you can send info

08/19/2014 10:00 pm

Please, I need a copy of my Son’s IEP. Last public school attended was in FL.

06/03/2014 6:33 pm

We have been waiting for several months for a revised copy of my son’s IEP. Our son has an IEP due to a learning disability in the area of Reading/Spelling/Comprehension. We requested at our annual IEP meeting in November 2014 that we add documentation from a highly trained Physician after a much needed evaluation for our son who met all criteria -diagnosed w attention deficit disorder. I am not sure if they will not add this information because it can not be placed in his IEP (need a separate 504 plan?). They will not give us any information. The Director of Special Education at our school district informed me over the phone after several requests that she would be sending me the revised IEP for the 2013/2014 school year. We now have three days of school left and have not received the revised IEP.

04/04/2014 9:55 pm

Hello. I was an IEE and attended the IEP for the student I evaluated. I left with horrible feelings of denial of FAPE and other violations. The parent was given a copy of the IEP which was dated at the time of the MET (3 weeks prior to IEP meeting). The IEP itself was in a sealed envelope which was given to the parent. At the IEP, the only copy of the paperwork was in the teacher’s hands and not shared with the other 9 others in attendance. A “signature” page was passed around for everyone to sign. The parent requested various thing be put in the IEP but case manageer would not make changes as “if it is in the IEP and it doesn’t happen, we dont’ want to disappoint parents.” Psychologist stated “we cannot offer a program to meet his needs because it doesn’t exist.” and various other comments. Violation of FAPE? Procedural violation?

03/09/2014 11:27 pm

It usually takes about a week to a week & 1/2 to get a copy of my son’s IEP. They never have even a draft done at the end of the day. Last time the meeting was on a Monday 2 days before the yearly IEP expired because the original meeting had to be rescheduled due to weather.
Notes were taken by the special education director, who is adversarial, confrontational, insulting, & condescending. I requested a copy of her notes because things discussed at the meeting with a mediator present were not put in the IEP (getting homework for the week on Mondays because of executive functioning issues, as well as making sure everything got home & back to school) & things he’s had for years, like having his spelling list a week ahead of time, were taken out without discussion. When I requested a copy of the notes taken it was refused.

03/05/2014 4:30 pm

Never used to but now, The school gives me the hand written IEP right away and REQUIRES me to sign it right away too. And sometimes the written one is different than what was written at the meeting. This is south dakota. The sioux falls district has told me they opted out of Federal Regulations and made there own. I found information that states they can do so if they meet or exceed federal regulations.
They disagree.

02/22/2014 4:53 pm

Approximately four months. I was lied to, told it ‘was not yet completed’ etc. Due process is next. The district was not providing the services required by the student and promised in the IEP. Primarily Placement, Curriculum, location of services, degree of services, sufficiency of services,-almost all of IDEA 2004; Section 504; FAPE, LRE, NCLBA, FERPA, Parental Protections, Privacy & Records-both privacy issues and access. failure to monitor progress; failure to provide procedural safeguards even when asked specifically 7 times, 3 to the teacher; 2x the principal; 1x the special education coordinator of the school district; and once the school districts administrator. Child has increasingly presented a substantial risk of harm to self and others. Have contacted DisRightsofWI.

01/31/2014 5:15 pm

wow I thought I was denied rights. Gee. The law requires schools to allow you to look at your students educational record. As Pete explained we should ask for a list of all Educational Records and where they are kept. Also in same request permission to view those records. There is a time line the school is required to respond within. I’m not positive but think it is 40 days.

01/29/2014 11:01 pm

3.5 years and no copies. I cant even get a reply from the state of California – 3 calls per day for 3 days.

01/10/2014 10:39 am

IEP/ARD meeting was Dec 13, 2012 and as of today 1/10.14 still no copy despite emailing calling the superintendent of school and special education. I even emailed the Texas Education with no happy response. Still waiting. UGH!

12/22/2013 7:00 am

My son is 21 and in the last year of high school. He can graduate, but needs a scribe so he can successfully take 3 New York State Regents test. The school had an meeting with his Medicaid Service Coord (MSC), Principal, and School Counselor, but my son was not at the meeting. According to the MSC, the school agreed to provide the accommodations, but have not given the MSC the IEP yet. Kris has 2 opportunities to take the tests Jan/June. What do I do next?

06/01/2013 6:05 pm

My child has been in special education since a small child I had good teacher for her when she was younger. for the last two years her 11th and 12th grade year she has had teachers that were prejudice toward her and did not get her the assistance that she needed. she took the exit exam and did not do good on it due to the instructions that was given on it. she could not get her diploma. could some one tell me what to do. I am thinking about getting a attorney to bring charges against the school.

05/23/2013 9:55 am

Is a school in NM required to give a copy of IEP to the regular education teacher?

04/27/2013 5:10 am

I recently had an IEP for my child. Due to blatant illegal moves by the school’s clinical diagnostician in the prior year, I felt forced to get a private assessment for my autistic son and to hire an advocate.
At the meeting I was assured I would get a clean copy of his IEP in my son’s bookbag which I have yet to receive. It has been well over a week since the meeti g and I have yet to get a copy. I feel this is i. Retaliation for bringing an advocate with me to the meeting. Is this legal?

Sharon L.
03/29/2013 3:58 pm

Call the board office and ask when you can come in to get a copy of your child’s IEP. If they tell you great if not followup with a letter and then escalate it up the ladder, principal, superintendent, etc if you have to. There should be no issue to get your copy. They probably just forgot.

03/21/2013 1:58 pm

I havent received my sons iep its been at least 6 7 months and i have asked for it a number of times

02/08/2013 11:40 pm

I work for Pasadena Unified School District. I print out the IEP, go to the front office and make a copy of the signature page to attach to the IEP, and thank the parent for coming. I do not want to cause undo stress on parents.

01/24/2013 12:12 pm


I need to get a copy of my sisters IEP from nys from 1974-1980, does anyone know if IEP’s are archived, if they are where can I start to look?

Thank you very much..

09/07/2012 7:56 pm

We receive our IEP at the very, very, end(I mean walking out the door end) of our IEP. The printer is in another room and you guessed it – they always slip in something different without me knowing. Everyone is gone when I receive my IEP. Next time I am going to initial each and every page. Anyone have any suggestions that I might use? This is in the state of Illinois.

08/21/2012 2:55 am

I had my daughter evaluated last year 2011 and did not get her IEP until now AUGUST 23 , 2012 and now my daughter is detained in the same grade again . should i get a lawyer

Thank -You

05/02/2012 12:54 pm

It has been over 3 months and I still have not received an iep for my son what do I do next?

Please help???

04/06/2012 2:11 pm

I recently had an IEP at my child’s school. when I asked for a copy she responded they have never given a copy to a parent before hand. They went to make me a copy, and it made the process easier for me to understand. I have a continued meeting next week and I again had to ask for a copy. I wish law makers would include a copy of an IEP to the parents in the CFR at least 5 days before the meeting. It would give parents a chance to have an understanding of what is being said, “prior to the meeting” to ask better questions and make better suggestions.

03/16/2012 10:55 am

I’ve often had to email 2-3 requests/reminders in order to obtain copies of my child’s IEPs. I carbon copy the attorney from my state Disability Rights Network on this to keep her updated on the difficulties I am having with getting the copies. She has had to help advocate several times in order to get copies for me.

02/19/2012 2:34 pm

The IEP was supposed to be revised; as it was basically BLANK. It also included unnecessary and INCORRECT medical information! Anyway, upon request[s] over the past year, I just this past week received a copy… and nothing was different!

01/13/2012 1:10 pm


What should I do? If you desire a public school, here is what I would do.

1. Enroll child in school.
2. Request child to be evaluated, giving in writing all you know about suspected disability of child.
3. Request copy of evaluation prior to IEP meeting.
4. Attend IEP meeting, fully prepared.
5. Question what program child will be in during IEP meeting.
6. End of meeting, request copy of IEP immediately, or copy of whatever notes taken for the IEP.
7. Receive copy of IEP then, or later.
9. When received copy of clean IEP, ensure you agree with: program; services offered meet needs of your disabled child; placement of child, LRE, and all other things of sensitivity to you about your child.

01/13/2012 12:59 pm


Any school district has the obligation to ensure all students within that district, that are disabled and needs special education and other related services has to ensure an IEP is made annually for all special education children within their district.

The private school should be the one to hold the IEP meeting for that child, however, if the private school doesn’t, then the school district has to ensure an IEP is in place for each and every special education student within that district, period.

Do not believe all that all district personnel “tell” you. Request everything the district so informs you in every conversation. If they are right, they will inform you. If they know they are wrong, you will never receive a documented response from them pertaining to that subject. Guaranteed, or they are so ignorant.

01/13/2012 12:53 pm


Most recording devices on answering phone machines, are relatively easy to operate. Just follow the instructions within the operations instructions to set up. Usually all one has to do is to press a button to initiate a recording session.

But, again, learn about recording others legally first, before you do so, because in others states, that could be a violation of one’s rights as well.

01/13/2012 12:44 pm


A telephone answering machine of worth, has a microphone that will pick up voices and other noises in the background while talking to someone on the phone. Their conversation is also recorded as they are speaking.

In Michigan, as others have stated, there only has to be one communicator of the conversation that knows the conversation is being recorded — you.

In Michigan, you do not have to inform your conversation is being recorded, but as a courtesy I always told them. Then, later, that evidence gets to a hearing or court, the other person cannot say I was never told the conversation was being recorded. The tape or disk is within the proof and the pudding.

Yes, by all means check with state authorities to see if recording someone without their knowledge is legal. If not legal, then that evidence will be thrown.

01/13/2012 12:26 pm

Eileen, that a school has to request to the school board is only a local policy. The federal and state laws guarantee that when you request a copy of an IEP, however, “upon request” means right away. Some judges, however, interpret that “right away” to mean up to two months.

Many school districts will provide parents copies of their children’s IEP up until they are 18 years old, or if the 18 year old student authorizes parents to receive that IEP, right away.

01/10/2012 2:03 am

Our school dist told us that they didn’t even need to offer the student with a FAPE or IEP with a description of the program they were offering, since my child was enrolled in private school. I told them I was interested in enrolling my child in public school if I knew what the district was offering? The district had already found my child eligible for special education, but refused to offer an IEP unless I enrolled my child in their program before, I knew what they were offering. CDE the state enforcement told us the district did not nave to offer an IEP since she was enrolled in private school. What do I do?

01/05/2012 6:25 pm

Veronica – re: recording phone conversations:

Check your state law. In my state only one party has to be aware that the recording is being made. Another good way to document conversations is through letters. I write a thank you note, in which I thank them for talking with me, and then say something like, I want to make sure I understand what we talked about, then document what was said. At the end of my letter, after I have told them how much I appreciate everything they do and continue to do, I say something like, “This is the conversation as I remember it, if you remember it differently, please let me know by………”

01/05/2012 5:53 pm

I am hesitant to record conversations–though I understand the frustrations in working with school districts who are not in compliance. I guess that it may put a parent in a difficult situation if recording devices are used. I was asked if I wanted to use a recording device by the advocate before a PPT started and I said, “no.”. I did not want to put the staff in a difficult position and everything worked out quite well. Everyone has to work out their own individual situations–recording someone can have legal implications so know the law before you record.

01/05/2012 12:38 pm

Randy – How does the recording phone work? When you speak to someone at school – do you always tell them first that you are recording the call and everything they say? I doubt they would talk to me then, they get very defensive about stuff like this.

I checked in my state and you have to have consent from everyone before you can record. It must be different in your state. Do states have different laws about this?

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