IEP FAQs: Can an IEP Meeting be Postponed?

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Is there anything in the law that would prevent me from asking that my child’s annual IEP be postponed? The current accommodations are either not working or are not being implemented as required by certain teachers. I would like to postpone it to enable time to obtain testing results and re-work some ideas on accommodations.

The special ed case worker states that an IEP meeting cannot be postponed! That seems ridiculous.

The law says the IEP needs to be reviewed at least annually, and more often if necessary.

The IEP Team can convene, and agree to re-convene after receiving the new testing results. There is no limit to the number of IEP meetings that may be needed to create an IEP that meets your child’s needs.

A parent or teacher can request that the IEP team meet to review and revise the IEP when new information is available about the child (i.e. when new evaluations have been conducted).

The history of Public Law 94-142, now IDEA, states that “there should be as many meetings a year as a child may need.” This is from Appendix A to the IDEA regulations. There is no limit to the number of IEP meetings that may be needed to create an IEP that meets the child’s needs.

Write a letter to the school. Describe your concerns about your child’s lack of progress and your fears about his future. Request a meeting to revise his IEP after reviewing evaluation results.

Be careful about delaying too long. The sooner you develop an appropriate IEP that is meeting your child’s needs, the better. This may take more than one meeting. The law certainly allows this.

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Get good assessments. Get a good neuropsych if needed. I find they’re better trained and thus more equipped to really put a finger on what’s wrong with the way things are.

Then get a good educational Special Ed Atty.

If you need to have an aide or personal Classroom Assistant then let it be. It doesn’t matter what they call the person. If it works, do it. There should be no argument about something that is working.

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If parents resolve a issue of a ‘Aide” by hiring a Personal C.A, can we cancel a IEP meeting? They are collecting work-samples for 5 days to see if he needs a para for the remaining 6wks of school.The PCA offered to help him with class-work to.