IEP FAQs: Can an IEP Meeting be Postponed?

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Is there anything in the law that would prevent me from asking that my child’s annual IEP be postponed? The current accommodations are either not working or are not being implemented as required by certain teachers. I would like to postpone it to enable time to obtain testing results and re-work some ideas on accommodations.

The special ed case worker states that an IEP meeting cannot be postponed! That seems ridiculous.

The law says the IEP needs to be reviewed at least annually, and more often if necessary.

The IEP Team can convene, and agree to re-convene after receiving the new testing results. There is no limit to the number of IEP meetings that may be needed to create an IEP that meets your child’s needs.

A parent or teacher can request that the IEP team meet to review and revise the IEP when new information is available about the child (i.e. when new evaluations have been conducted).

The history of Public Law 94-142, now IDEA, states that “there should be as many meetings a year as a child may need.”

This is from Appendix A to the IDEA regulations. There is no limit to the number of IEP meetings that may be needed to create an IEP that meets the child’s needs.

  • Write a letter to the school.
  • Describe your concerns about your child’s lack of progress and your fears about his future.
  • Request a meeting to revise his IEP after reviewing evaluation results.

Be careful about delaying too long.

The sooner you develop an appropriate IEP that is meeting your child’s needs, the better. This may take more than one meeting. The law certainly allows this.

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My son’s IEP meeting was in October and reconvened at the beginning of November, but ithe IEP t was not implemented until the end of November. When would be the next annual meeting? In October(when meeting started), early November(reconvened) or end of November (when it was implemented)?


Early November when the meeting reconvened and notice was provided to the parent. The annual date is not one year from the implementation date, but the actual meeting date where final decisions were made.


My child’s Annual IEP was delayed because I was not available. The due date was 4/26/19. I attended the IEP on 5/3/19. The new special education teacher CHANGED the date of the next Annual IEP date. The Date was 4/24/2020 and the teacher pushed it back to 5/2/2020.
I disagreed with the teacher, but the administrator told me that it is legal to change the next Annual IEP date.
Please tell me what Special Ed. Law has to say.


IEPs are good for one year so the new date reflects one year after the current meeting. Just like if you had the meeting early, you would change the date of the annual to the earlier date.


My daughters IEP has been open for 7 months, almost the entire school year. She has no new goals, no progress, and was supposed to have been with a new ipad all year. At what point is this excessive? They will not schedule an IEP.


If you have not sent a written letter on this situation and a request for an IEP meeting to the district special ed director, do so. If you have, you can take this up the “chain of command” and/or to the state education agency. Your state parent training and information project can assist you.



This is beyond excessive. She should have goals and should have been monitored to see if the goals need to change. The iPad should have been provided since that is in the IEP. Why are they not scheduling the IEP meeting. You as the parent have the right to request this meeting. If you have not done so write an email to the Super Intendant and Special Education Director to get to the bottom of what is going on.


I filed a state complaint against my daughter’s school district on the grounds of them not providing a progress report as often reports are provided to non-disabled students. I’m constantly asking for a report and don’t get anything until days or weeks later. The DOE accepted an alternate resolution from the district which includes providing the reports as required but the district continues to not provide reports until I hound them for one. When I ask the DOE how they are monitoring the district’s compliance they only tell me we’ll reach out to the district and work with them to address with my concern. There are additional concerns addressed in my compliant (data collection, FBA/PBIP), but it seems the DOE just made accomodations for the district with no accountabilty. Thoughts????


I am a believer in paper trails. You can send them written updates, with copies to the special ed director, on what they are doing & not doing, and new complaints. You could try going up the chain of command at the DOE. You could try going to the district superintendent and school board, if you have not already done so. It also might help if other parents spoke up about the same or similar complaints.


I have done all of the above in my own situation and it’s the Special Services director that is denying my meeting and the Superintendent is blatantly ignoring me. I had to hire first an advocate just to get a meeting, then an attorney. They refused me a meeting because they refuse to discuss ESY services that were not mentioned in my IEP request. DOE explained that they needed proof of progression on their end and that they couldn’t deny a meeting on an unresolved issue but they did it anyway. The DOE also explained that they couldn’t intervene, they advise you to file complaints but they can’t make the district do anything. If there is a repercussion for non-compliance I was told they would not tell the parents what that is, only that it was addressed.


My child’s SPED never did an observation at all last year (which was required in the IEP) and his grades are
now mainly D’s below from last year & so far this year. All assessments have been redone except for OT which is soon. Weaknesses were found in more detail than past years.
So, we had an IEP and the school scheduled it for 3 hours. That was enough to get through the reports but not actually make any goals or recommendations. The school called time and then won’t reschedule to complete it for 5 weeks. I’m not ok with this, but is there anything I can do to force it sooner? (Legally or according to any time deadlines?


Possibly, depending on your state rules. You can check with the state education agency, or your state parent training and information project.


Can an ISD delay an IEP meeting due to Summer Break?


Possibly, depending on your state rules. You can check with the state education agency, or your state parent training and information project.


help please…..

can a school district hold a meeting that lasts only 2 hours when they know at the start it will likely take 4 to 5 hours to go over all reports, services, and goals?
can they seriously make us come in 3 to 5 times for 2 hours each time and take the whole year to set the iep?


Taking several meetings to develop an IEP is not unusual, & is allowable. Taking most of the year to develop an IEP is not. Parents have the right to use the dispute resolution processes in cases like this.


My husband and I always attend our daughters IEP but the date they chose doesn’t work for us and the IEP is due March 20th
Are we allowed to request to postpone it?


Yes. If they say that they cannot, refer them to: Doug C v Hawaii,


Lisa you and your husband are allowed to postpone the meeting. The school may be hesitant now because the meeting is the week after. School likely does want to make sure her IEP is up to date. Write them a letter and list some days that you are available and make sure you that put on the paper that you want them to respond within a certain amount of time.


If a student is hospitalized and their annual review IEP meeting is due, does the school hold the meeting anyway without the student present?


I just found a student eligible for special education services in a Public School in NJ. I wrote the Initial IEP to reflect a Nov. 23rd , 2017 start date to June. 20th 2018 for an end date. The question is: Can an initial IEP written as a school year IEP or does it have to be an Annual IEP therefore offering an end date of Nov. 22, 2018?


I need help. My Son was put on Special education since he was 6 for short term memory. His elementary years went very well, the teacher will keep contact with me about meetings and special accommodations. He was doing well until Middle school started. 6th grade was fairly ok, the school only scheduled a meeting until I asked but it was done. I was not present for it, because I had to work and they only gave me like a 2 day notice. The year ended and he was promoted to 7th grade. When that year started, he was always in detention or there was always a complaint about him. I came to the school to meet with one of his teachers and I was shocked to find out that she did not know my son needed special accommodations. I need help. My son has lost 3 years and the school is not willing to help me. any advice?


You need to learn about the dispute resolution processes. Your state parent training & information center can assist you.

Mom Advocate

I’d start with your case manager. Email and inquire if the district has any timelines/policies they utilize internally when an IEP meeting is requested. If so, request a copy of the guidelines and refer to those guidelines in future correspondence.


I requested an emergency iep 5 months ago the school and the district is aware. However they will not schedule it the district can’t do anything and my sons school is a really big football school so I fortunately the school gets away with it I have a parent advocate but it just can’t be done who can I call


You can make a complaint to the state education agency. Your state parent training & information center may be able to assist you.