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Gustavo:  Hi My 9 year old boy was re-evaluated recently, while getting ready for the IEP meeting. We requested copy of the Test that were provided to him for this evaluation, specifically OWLS II and TOPL 2. Also we are requesting the data collected from the therapies he has been getting. This based on IDEA 300.613 However the district says that they can provide the data of the therapies and any other data , but the OWLS II and TOPL 2 tests results can only be reviewed at the schools and not copies can be provided. I am assuming that copyrights make sense, however contradict what 300.613 b-2-3 states…could you please give us your insight and I should keep insisting the test should be provided to us??

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I would suggest at least starting with an appointment to view the things you’re interested in at the district offices.

You may want to consider getting an independent eval at district expense, if you feel there is anything questionable about the testing they did.


Visit this wrightslaw web page for background info and parent rights to obtain copies of test protocols: