Confidentiality: IEP PRIVACY

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Cheryl:  Shouldn’t IEP accommodations/SDIs be confidential between teachers/parents and THE student. Teachers are openly discussing my student’s IEP accommodations/SDI in front of classroom students and singling out my student. Isn’t this wrong?

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Cheryl, IEPs should be confidential within reason. Teachers and related service providers need to know what they are supposed to do, general ed teachers need to be aware of accommodations in the students’ IEPs.
I don’t know what your role is. If you are a teacher / aide/ RSP, you need to document what these breaches of confidentiality in a memo to the special ed director / supervisor and school principal. Your school district may be organized with more admins with authority to intervene and clarify the confidentiality requirements to the teachers who discuss this student’s needs, etc.