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Jill:   My son has an IEP, is in general education NY Regent Level courses and is failing his Chemistry and Algebra 2/Trig courses. He receives resource room 1 period 5 days a week, but this is not helping. Can we request that the school provide 1-1 tutor?

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Instead of putting tutor directly in my daughters IEP, they scheduled 30 min blocks in the morning before school for her to do homework with her teachers? Once per week with a couple of her teacher, informally….not sure this is what she actually needs.


Getting help with homework does not always equal tutoring or teaching needed skills. I suggest asking your daughter specific questions about the help she gets, & what the teachers tell her. If they say something like “Let me know if you have any questions”, that may mean that little if any instruction is being done. Students are often reluctant to ask questions or do not know what questions to ask. Ideally the teacher should review the student’s past & current work to determine, if they have the necessary skills or knowledge for the assignments. If she has difficulty with reading no matter what the subject, then the teacher needs a variety of skills, & supports to assist her. Let us know what questions you have after looking at this.


can the student in a special day class with and IEP get tutoring or does the placement need to GenEd?

Sharon L.

THis happened to us. WE requested an IEP meeting to discuss. The IEP is set up for your child to meet goals & be successful. It seems obvious that if he is failing he is not meeting the goals of the IEP & not receiving a free and appropriate education. The school must do something to correct this. Do NOT let them water down the goals or extend the time. See what they have to offer first (we have found that ususally it is minimal or nothing). Then request the 1:1 tutor. We had success getting our son 1;1 tutoring for English because he was not doing well in the class. If the school refuses to provide any corrective action they need to put it in writing in a prior written notice document to you % at that point you can discuss with an advocate or take legal action.