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CLG:  I am a parent of a child in an ID Mod classroom setting in middle school. There is a child that has been very disruptive the entire year. He hits, he screams, he abuses the teachers etc. This behavior varies from day to day. You never know what to expect. As a parent I’ve gone through the proper chain of commands from teacher to principal to upper division administration. What is the process for getting this child removed from the classroom to a more suitable setting?

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I feel your pain. I’m going through this myself. My child is in a regular 3rd grade room. This disruptive child is cursing and being emotionally abusive to my child and other children in the room. He also has started to shove and be physical. I don’t believe this is acceptable. Why would I pay taxes to send my child to school in this environment? How can he learn in this environment? Are you sure there is nothing we can do? I emailed the Special Education Director for the district this morning. I let them know I gave my son permission to defend himself physically. It’s gone on all year and when I address it, I’m told they are doing all they can. This kid uses the “F” word regularly in class. How is that ok? There is no way his needs are being met either.


This disruptive child could be my son. I’m sorry your child is going through this and I feel your frustration at not being able to do anything. Believe me I am working hard to correct this problem.


I feel your frustration, but if you’re not the parent of this child, there’s nothing you can do. He’s not your child. You’re not part of his IEP team. It’s not up to you to decide where his LRE is. It sounds like his IEP is lacking.

If you want your child to have access to better role models, you may want to think about a Gen Ed classroom. But remember that in every classroom-gen Ed or special Ed, there will be kids that create drama.