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D:  The district called CPS today and I had to let them in my home to see that my child is sick! CPS sees the district is wrong. The worker left saying she is on my side.

We have seen many specialists that include, Immunologists, rheumatologists, oncologists, pulmonary specialists, cardiologists and a infectious disease doctor. We even went as far as a lymph biopsy for lymphoma. Last year my son missed a lot of school. In September he became pretty ill, we applied for and started home instruction within the school district.

In April the district declined pediatricians recommendations and declined any further home instruction based upon him having no diagnosis. We are still actively taking him to doctors to find out why he is so sick.

Our pediatrician was forced to tell the District and me that He can return or I can withdraw him from school and homeschool to stop Truancy issues with the district. We just heard from the attendance officer that he is considered truant because they are unexcused.

I was forced to send him to go back on a modified schedule for 2 weeks then to a full schedule or face prosecution. I do have the option to withdraw him but I really do not want to. I rather him be put back on Home instruction. This is a case of knowing that he gets so ill after just walking in those doors. He is already out sick.

The district is so wrong. I don’t want to pull him to Home School but that might be my final choice. The school districts job is to educate, not to make medical decisions.

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05/17/2016 3:31 pm

To my understanding, a child can also be provided with a 504 Plan to support and provide various accommodations and modifications to their work service/delivery, etc. based on a variety of medical, mental, health, social concerns or diagnoses (ADHD, Anxiety, and also including health issues including being wheelchair bound due to surgery or health issue, etc). Accommodations may include extended time, extra set of materials at home, work presented in large print, social work or counseling services for social/emotional support, etc. It’s a legal document that follows the student and protects them. Given your child’s health issues, this would be a nice legal document that could help protect him in a variety of areas, including attendance. Perhaps something to look into further.

05/16/2016 7:00 pm

Our state has something called a letter of medical incapacity (something like that). It is filled out by the doctor and says, essentially, this kid is going to miss a lot of school. It excuses the truancy factor. I’ve found it difficult to get intermittent homebound, but it should be written into the IEP that it should be made available after x number of missed days in a row.
Have you considered online public school? Might be an intermediate solution. I have a friend who this works well for, her daughter has medical issues.
Good luck!