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College Accommodations: What are My Child’s Rights?

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Where can I find out my daughter’s rights to accommodations in college? We asked for testing to be done out of the classroom in a quiet location. All of her tests in high school were done this way. We also asked for copies of notes, PowerPoint slides, and teacher outlines to help her follow lectures. […]

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Anthony True Trains Other Students with Dyslexia to Self-Advocate


Meet a dedicated Youth Ambassador for dyslexia awareness – Anthony True. Pete met Anthony and heard his impressive presentation in April 2012 at the Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Conference in Colorado. Youth Ambassadors travel around CO to give presentations that include research based evidence about learning disabilities. Combined with their individual stories, their […]

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Navigating College – a Handbook for Students with Autism


Headed to college? Worried about: getting accommodations, getting places on time, dealing with sensory issues in a new environment. Need advice on: staying healthy at school, good eating and sleeping habits, dating and relationships, independent living, talking to your friends and classmates about your disability. These can be complicated issues and big concerns for students […]

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Help! My son with LD graduates. Who will write his 504 when he loses his IEP?


Gina-Marie writes – Help! My son with LD and an IEP is graduating from high school and I understand he will lose his IEP. Will he have a 504 now and who will do it? What colleges are best for kids with learning disabilities? Gina-Marie: Thanks for writing. I’m posting your comment because at this […]

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