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by Wrightslaw

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Self-Study Week 2: Read One Book a Month Plan

by Wrightslaw

Man reading at the librarySo you want to be an advocate for your child!

  • What do you need to learn?
  • What skills do you need to acquire?

Parents are far more likely to succeed when they negotiate for special education services when they –

1. are knowledgeable about their children’s rights (and their own rights and responsibilities)

2. know how to use tactics and strategies

Read everything you can find about special education, disabilities, and how children learn.

If you follow the Book a Month Plan, you’ll have the necessary knowledge and skills to be an effective advocate before the year is out. [Read more →]

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Eligible for Services? First “Yes,” then “No.” I’m Confused

by Wrightslaw

mom with preschool childrenThe evaluation report from our school says my 3 year old (with high functioning autism) is not eligible for services when he transitions from Early Intervention. The evaluation report says “no delay or disability” – “not eligible”.

Then, a copy of the “not eligible” report came with a letter saying our son was eligible for services and invited us to an IEP Meeting. Why did they plan a meeting if he isn’t eligible?

Transitioning out of Early Intervention can be confusing.

If you have questions and concerns, write a letter to the school.

  • Make your letter polite and business-like.
  • Describe the problem and your proposed solution.
  • Ask what the school plans to do for your child.

Create your paper trail. Keep a record of all correspondence with the school.  Document any conversation you have with school personnel, then follow-up with a letter confirming what you understood the school to have said.

Eligibility Meeting

Having a meeting to determine if a student is eligible or not for services is in accordance with federal regulations. [Read more →]

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Don’t Miss Out! Wrightslaw Training 30 Miles Outside of Los Angeles!

by Wrightslaw

On Friday, August 14, 2015, H & H Associates is hosting it’s 3rd annual one-day-6 hour Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Training at the Embassy Suites Valencia Hotel in Valencia, CA… just 33 miles North of downtown Los Angeles.

Speaker Pete Wright, Esq. presents this information packed training.

Registration includes lunch, snacks and parking. Also, four books, Wrightslaw: Special Education Law, 2nd Edition, Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy, 2nd Edition, Wrightslaw: All About IEPs and Wrightslaw: All About Tests and Assessments.

Registration also includes a “Putting It Into Action” seminar with additional advocacy materials. Case studies putting Pete’s training into practice, led by Hadassah Foster, nationally-known special education advocate. The seminar takes place on Saturday, August 15, 2015.

Register Online Today!

See you in California!

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New DoD Special Ed Regs Level the Playing Field for Military Kids

by Pete Wright

teen girl in front of US flagOn June 25, DoD issued their new Special Education Regulations which affect children with disabilities who are educated in their DoD schools.

Many schools on military bases are operated by the local school district in that region and the schools are not operated by the DoD.

These new regs do not apply in those instances.

Instead IDEA 2004 and our current US Dept of Ed regs apply in the same manner as any child with a disability attending a public school. [Read more →]

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Wrightslaw Training in Sunny California!

by Wrightslaw



Who: Pete Wright, Esq.

What: Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Training

When: Monday, December 7, 2015

Where: Pechanga Resort and Casino, Grand Ballroom in Temecula, CA

How: By Train, Plane or Automobile!

For all conference details, please click here.

See you in California!


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Your Advocacy Game Plan – Week 1

by Wrightslaw

Plan and Prepare

Parent meetingAs a parent, you negotiate with the school for services.

To be a successful negotiator, you must understand the system and how it works.

Many parents don’t realize that school systems are bureaucracies.

Parents often don’t know how important decisions are made – or by whom.

Improve Your Advocacy Skills

If you are a “new parent” or you want to improve your advocacy skills, this Wrightslaw Advocacy Game Plan will help.

Like Charles, you wonder what information to read so you can advocate effectively for your child. [Read more →]

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Self-Study Advocacy Program for the New Parent – the 7 “Ps”

by Wrightslaw

girl teen and mom at computer togetherUntil now, parents have been barred from effective advocacy by lack of information and isolation. The Internet is changing the status quo.

Over the next several months, our blog posts will provide a self-help study plan that good parent advocates need to have.

You’ll learn how to plan and prepare to be an effective advocate, and find out where to go to get the information you need.

Today’s blog is the first of our six week Self-Study Advocacy Program for the New Parent.

Charles wrote to ask,

All of this is new to us. A friend told us about your site – this is why I’m writing you.

What information should I read to become a better advocate for my son?

Charles speaks for many parents who have questions about special education and how to get an appropriate educational program for his child.

For parents who are already in the process, it never hurts to hone your skills.

Begin a Program of Advocacy Self-Study for One Year [Read more →]

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Wrightslaw Training Coming to Bradenton, FL on November 7, 2015!

by Wrightslaw

Join sponsors, Family Network on Disabilities of Manatee\Sarasota, Inc. and speaker, Pete Wright, Esq. for this one-day Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Training on Saturday, November 7, 2015.

The conference will take place at Woodland Community Church, located at 9607 State Road, 70 East in Bradenton, FL.

Registration includes light breakfast, boxed lunch, a Wrightslaw highlighter pen and four Wrightslaw books which retail for $77.80.

Register online.

Download the flyer/registration form.

Download and share the Save-the-Date flyer.

See you in Bradenton, FL!

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Discontinuing Services? Not So Fast!!

by Pam Wright

school girl writingMy 12 yr old daughter has had an IEP for 5 years for deficits in written communication skills.  A year before we were scheduled for a triennial evaluation, the school requested a data review.

Since she makes As and does well in school, the school intends to drop her IEP and discontinue services.


The school cannot unilaterally discontinue your daughter’s special education services unless you go along.

You need to be an effective advocate for your daughter.

Learn the legal requirements for eligibility.

Make sure you understand how eligibility decisions are made.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Before the school determined that your child WAS eligible for special ed services, they were required to do a comprehensive evaluation and assess all areas of suspected disability.

Before the school can determine that your daughter is NOT eligible for special ed services, they are required to do a comprehensive evaluation and assess all areas of suspected disability.

Has the school completed this comprehensive evaluation?

  • Do you have a copy?
  • Do you agree with the findings?

If you don’t agree, you may need to get an independent educational evaluation.

Please read this article about “Terminating Eligibility” now!

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