Worried that your Baby is Not Developing at the Right Pace?

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You are not alone.  Many parents have the same concerns about their babies. Even though a baby typically develops at his or her own pace, if you have concerns about your child’s development there are several opportunities to identify potential problems early on. Learn about important developmental milestones for your child and what to do if you think your child is lagging behind.

The Importance of Developmental Screening is featured in the second issue of The Exceptional Advocate. This new eNewsletter is published by The Department of Defense Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) for military families with special needs, but is available to everyone. Whether you live the military lifestyle or support those who do, you’ll find helpful information.

This month, retired Army therapist and mother of three children, Valerie O’Brien shares her personal experiences of becoming a new mother and her concerns about her infant daughter’s development.

Each month, you will find articles, resources, tips, and news that families with special needs can use to remain informed on a variety of topics.

The Exceptional Advocate is looking for EFMP best practices, events, and success stories to highlight in upcoming issues . If you would like to share your stories, you may use the feedback link found in the newsletter.

Our hope is that you will enjoy this issue of The Exceptional Advocate and that you will distribute it to the families in your communities. – The Office of Community Support for Military Families

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  1. Information like this is easy to pass on. I did not know the Department of Defense would be involved in special needs of Military families. Let alone pass it on to everyone.

    • Judy – You would probably be surprised to see the resources on our Military and DOD Special Education page at https://www.wrightslaw.com/info/dod.index.htm. Though not always educated in the US, military kids are still entitled to FAPE. Last year legislation was passed that established a Defense Department Office of Community Support for Military Families with Special Needs. Pete and Pam have been committed to military families for many years and have worked extensively with military families and personnel, presenting programs at posts/bases across the country and training military advocates, EFMP staff, attorneys, service providers, school liaison officers, etc.

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