Will My Child Be Promoted? The School Won’t Answer My Question!

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I went to the school to ask if my son will be promoted to the 6th grade.  They say I must wait till the last day of school to know.  The school will not tell me any thing. They are very rude to me. What should I do?

How closely have you monitored your son’s progress this year?

  • What does his report card say?
  • Is he failing at school?
  • Has the school discussed retaining him in 5th grade?
  • Does he have an IEP? Are you an active member of the IEP team?

Teachers should monitor your son’s progress throughout the year. Ongoing discussions with staff, progress reports, tests and assessments should show if he is failing.  The school should let a parent know when their child is at risk of failing throughout the school year and provide interventions to prevent failure and provide support.

Do your research on the pros (if any) and cons of Retention, Delays, and Social Promotion. https://www.wrightslaw.com/info/retain.index.htm

What are your school’s promotion criteria?  Your school should provide parents the necessary requirements for your child to move on to the next grade level.  Some schools call these “promotion standards.” Do you have a copy of these requirements?  Have you requested the requirements from the school? If you are unaware of the requirements, it’s time to get a copy.

Schools should also have a written policy about when and how they provide notice to the parents about whether your child met the requirements.  Many schools don’t provide notice until the very end of the school year.

I can’t explain why the school is not responding to your requests for information – except to say “if it is not written down, it was never said (or asked).”  If you want answers to your questions you must put your requests in writing.

You need to learn how to advocate for your son to get what he needs at school.  You will also learn how to get answers to your questions. Bottom line! You are your child’s best advocate.

If you need some motivation to start, click on these articles about the power of parent advocacy.

Learn what Emily’s mother did. https://www.wrightslaw.com/blog/?p=1360

Parent advocate? You’re a natural. https://www.wrightslaw.com/blog/?p=892

Or click on the “Advocacy” category on the blog to find more examples. https://www.wrightslaw.com/blog/?cat=3

Go to the Wrightslaw Advocacy page https://www.wrightslaw.com/info/advo.index.htm

**You REALLY need this book. Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy, 2nd EditionOrder it today!

If your son is a child with a disability under IDEA 2004, learn more about your rights and responsibilities and your son’s rights. Take the time for Summer School for Parents.

When the new school year begins, work with the school team so there is a collaboration to monitor your son’s progress and address any concerns. Make sure the IEP team addresses any issues or concerns in your son’s IEP so that his program will meet his unique needs.

I’m sorry the school was rude to you. Remember your goal! Get a quality educational program for your child and build a healthy working relationship with school personnel.

Pretty rude! The school called this mother “crazy”! Look where she and her kids are now. Read this success story from a mother who learned how to advocate for her children.  https://www.wrightslaw.com/info/advo.susan.success.htm


  1. I begged my Sons school all year for help. He just needed a little extra help & compassion. I’ve been fighting cancer. This has been traumatic. We lost two family members this school year. This was tragic! His reading teacher, bullied him instead of helped him. The school wouldn’t listen to me or my Son. They kept telling me that they stand behind their staff. Well this was what caused my son to become sick, grades suffered, and etc. now we have had to obtain an attorney. The teacher bullied my Son all year & the principal assaulted him at the ending of the year. Then my Son was kicked out of school the last two weeks of school. He’s being made to attend mandatory summer school. The school has been harassing me to come in this week to talk about helping him now…… Now after all the suffering & punishment.. Now they offer help! Wow!

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